Delivering leading insights on customer growth and retention to get you ready for the holiday season.

Ecommerce businesses have to find new and creative ways to remain viable this holiday season, customer needs and expectations are changing and we need to be able to adapt quickly. It’s not all doom and gloom though! With more consumers moving online than ever before, our previous experience and expertise give us the edge in the rush to digitize. We already have all the tools at our disposal, and now we want to share them with you.

So, while we can’t fully recreate the experience of an ecommerce get-together (a cheeky post-conference drink with new friends will be missed, for example), what Omnisend has done is gathered leading industry experts from a broad spectrum of companies to share their experience and learnings. 

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We're excited to bring you the second edition of CART INSIDERS - One day of stimulating, engaging sessions streaming directly to your home office, bringing together key partners and merchants to share actionable industry insights on best practices around acquisition, conversion, and retention this holiday season.